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Active Christian worship has been taking place atop this hill overlooking Wichita Falls since 1896.

The pioneer farmers and ranchers here were encouraged by a Methodist Episcopal minister to begin meeting as a church first in a granary, and then in a two-room school that sprung up. Land and money were donated, and a church building was erected in 1902. Soon a parsonage was added, and Friberg Methodist Church flourished.

In the fall of 1938 the original building burned down … it was rebuilt during 1939 … our signature green neon cross was added in 1945 in honor of the late Rev. T.R. Jenne. In 1947 the Cooper Methodist Church, one community north of here, consolidated with Friberg … their building was brought here and our present sanctuary is a combination of the two original church structures … thus Friberg – Cooper United Methodist Church.
During 2011 a new multifunctional building was erected. This building was designed to architecturally fit with our original church building. It provides space for three Sunday school classes, as well as kitchen facilities and room for significant gatherings or meetings. The building was completely paid for by the congregation in less than three years.
FCUMC is a small country Methodist “niche” church … it is growing … and God led … and it is clear that most people attending FCUMC seek, and are happy in a small “country oriented” family church.